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Any iPhone

Most iPhone repairs can be done on the spot, whether you come to us or we come to you.

Repair time is usually 20min.

Devices We Do Screen Repairs For

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod

  • Android Tablets

  • Kindle Screen Repair 

  • Amazon Fire Screen Repair

  • Laptop Screens Repair

  • Anything with Touch Screen

  • Surface Pro Screen Repair 

  • Apple Watches

  • Android Phones

  • Nintendo 3DS Screen Repair 

  • GPS Navigators

  • Go Pro Screen Repair 


We’ve been repairing iPads since the first model.  Not only do we have the experience, but our affordable rates, quick service, and quality parts are unbeatable.  All iPad models and types of repairs are welcome.  Please contact us for a Free Quote. 

Everything from cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops, and more can be fixed using the Peterfixedit service.

For more info please click here:  Phone Repair & Gadgets Repair

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