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Computer & Laptop Repair 

-Apple iMac , Macbook's, Toshiba, Dell, Hp, Acer, Sony Vaio

-Asus, Lenovo, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface Pro's.


Peterfixedit offers free repair price quotes for fixing your favorite devices. We will diagnose the problem and provide an affordable estimate quickly. As tech experts, we repair a broad range of electronic gadgets including cell phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs/PCs, tablets, gaming consoles, and drones.



Here at PeterFixedit we offer multiple services including screen, cell phone, and computer repairs.  We deal with most kinds of gadgets.  In addition, we also service household electrical devices like lighting fixtures and appliances (Sockets, Dimmers, Hair dryers, Charging cables, Adapters, etc...). Check our blog for some of the latest repairs we have done.

phone screen repair
table lamp repair
phone screen repair


PeterFixediT is a new techni-man service started  in the Oak Forest Neighborhood.  We are cell phone, tablet, computer, and electrical repair experts servicing the central/north Houston area.  


Here at Peterfixed it  we know that we are living in the age of ever-advancing technology and we don't just service one type of electronic device.  Whether you need unlocking, virus removal, LCD replacement, or any other repair, we can get it done!  You name it - we fix it!  

From cell phones to tablets and more, we strive to make the process of repairing your device as simple as possible.  We aim to please.  Our goal is to provide you with a quality, reliable repair in a timely manner.  We are always striving to be better and we see every opportunity as a learning experience.  



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