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Laptops, PC/Mac Repair

Laptop cpmputer repair
How we can help in Repairing your Laptop or Notebook?

We are able to strip the laptop down to find the root cause of the problem and to offer solutions on the steps you can take. We will never overcharge you more than what you need to pay for and will always discuss the laptop repair fee with you honestly before proceeding with any recommended solution.

For parts that require replacement, we will advise you on the price inclusive of the total repair cost before we proceed with any installation so you can be assured.

What are the different ways we can Repair Your Laptop or Notebook?
  • On-site repair
    After being contacted by you, we will schedule the best time to come down to your home to take a look at your laptop notebook. We will diagnose your laptop issue and try to fix it on the spot usually within an hour or two. You do not need to step out of your house.

  • Off-site Repair
    Sometimes, the laptop repair job just needs more time or more specialized equipment to get it back up in totality. Therefore, we will propose to take it back to our workplace and let us work our magic before we deliver it back to you. You will be informed of the cost and the time frame of when we can deliver back your laptop and of course any progress in between.

What are the common reasons why you need us to Repair Your Laptop or Notebook?

here are several reasons why you need us to repair your laptop or notebook. Let us list some of the most common ones so you have an idea of what to expect. If your problem is not mentioned here, no worries, we are still able to solve it.

  • Hard disk crashed, laptop or notebook cannot start
    The laptop disk drive comes in various forms, ranging from hard drives to solid state drives. Some are easy to replace while some may need more work to disassemble. No matter its’ variation, we are able to replace it when the need arises.

  • Keyboard letters stuck
    Some letters just don’t seem to work no matter how you press them. We can help you replace your laptop keyboard with the most up-to-date model so you don’t ever have to call us for Keyboard issues again.

  • LCD/LED Display cracked
    Could you have dropped your precious laptop and as a result led to a damaged display. We provide replacement for all laptop and notebook LCD/ LED displays. We can look at your laptop model and purchase the right display to install it back to the main system.

  • Virus / Malwares
    Are you suspecting that there is a virus lurking in the background or malware. There are many ways you could have gotten the bug either by surfing the internet or through email attachments. It’s best to get it checked out fast so as not to compromise your privacy and security. We will do a comprehensive virus and malware scan, or reformat for you to rid of all bugs. We will then advise you on the appropriate antivirus software you can use to prevent such attacks again.

  • Overheating
    Are you experiencing abnormal shutdowns or restarts on your laptop and realized that your laptop is too hot to touch? Well, it happens; using your laptop too long can lead to overheating and fan failure. Sometimes dust may accumulate between the fan and the heat sink area too, preventing the heat from escaping. We can diagnose such problem and advise you accordingly.

  • Batteries flat
    After 2 to 3 years, it may seem that your laptop battery life gets used up very fast even though you have only just charged it. This is because of multiple cycles of charging and discharging. We will be able to provide you with the right battery for your laptop model.

  • Slow Performance, Software problems
    Is your laptop running like a snail or not very responsive? It could be a hardware or software problem. Note that are many reasons why this can happen like software configuration, hardware installation, RAM (Random Access Memory) capacity, etc. We can diagnose the problem and not only solve it for you but only make sure you are guided not to let this happen again.

  • Data Recovery
    Want to recover deleted data that you cannot seem to locate anymore. It’s best to contact us immediately and stop all activities so that the files will not be re-written. We will do our very best to recover your lost material by using advanced recovery software. 


We Fix almost any Gadget 

We know that we all love our gadgets and we can't live without them.  We have experience with almost any electronic device and we always keep up to date with the latest devices out there.  Problem with your Joystick, charging device, keys not functioning as they should?  We are here for you.  Just give us a call.  We'd love to help.

Dropped your GoPro?  Can't see through the screen?  Cracked the lens?  We know how you feel about it and we're here to help.  As long as the parts are available for your device, we can fix it.

We can take care of the smallest to the biggest repairs and for a very affordable price.  You may think something small is not worth fixing, like a broken charging cable or headset plug.  We will assess it for free and let you know.  We care and we would love to help.  Call us now to hear our technician's advice.  

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