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Repair You Phone Today!

Most Common Services


Glass Replacement

Time to get your cracked screen repaired – let our technicians take care of you. Most cell phone repairs can be fixed within an hour.

Camera or Lens Repair

Sometimes dirt or dust gets inside the lens of your cell phone camera, causing every picture you take to have an annoying dot or line. If the lens gets a scratch, you’ll have smudged photos. Bring it in and we’ll fix your phone camera problems.

Battery Replacement

Is you battery not holding a charge, or draining too quickly.
Maybe you need a replacement. We can do that for you.




Speaker Repair

These days, our phones serve as more than just a phone. They are our radio, music player, alarm clock and TV as well. If the speaker goes out, those vital functions don’t work.


Charging Port Repair

Don’t worry, our skillful and enthusiastic technician are willing to help you solve every problem with the charger port. Peterfixedit offers cell phone charging port repair services so you can power up your phone without dealing with any difficulty!



Water Damage

Safety note: do not touch a phone that is wet and plugged into a charger!

Remove the device from the water as quickly as possible, and remove the battery immediately. Removing the battery quickly could make the difference to save your phone. Most phones have a white indicator near the battery that will turn pink or red if water has damaged the device. You can try to dry it out with a vacuum cleaner, as long as you don’t hold the vacuum too close to the device. Sometimes cleaning the phone with rubbing alcohol will work if it has not been exposed to water very long.

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